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When do trial lessons take place?

Trial lessons can always take place during our regular schedule. If the teachers are a bit further in the dance, it is more convenient for your own experience to coordinate with the teacher what the best time will be for a trial lesson.

How do I register?

You can officially register yourself by clicking on the link below.

Register now:

What kind of clothes do you wear?

Make sure your clothes are comfortable. Match your clothes to the style you dance. The clothing style of modern is different from that of the hip-hop dance classes. No outdoor shoes or make sure your sole is properly cleaned before entering the dance halls. We also sell Hoomrun clothing, ask for the options at the counter.

Why do I have to log out or log in if i going to miss or register for a class?

We try to have every class available for you and all fellow dancers. This will only work if we know whether you are coming or not. That is why we ask you to unsubscribe or register so that there must always be room for intakes and trial lessons.

Can I register for a missed lesson?

Yes, provided you cancel at least 24 hours before the class you will miss. If you have another reason, such as illness or an accident, we recommend that you contact us by email. Making up lessons, this is possible at - if available - the same or a lower level and in consultation with the teacher.

What is an open lesson?

An open lesson, in which the teacher determines the level. This is often the level of a professional and you will have to follow this lesson. Advanced and professionals choose these types of classes.

If you want lessons at a beginner or intermediate level, that is also possible. The teacher will take you into account and will adapt accordingly. The teacher still makes sure that you are challenged

Direct Debit 

The direct debit is always scheduled for:

1 January-1 April-1 July -1 October

Payments are made for the regular classes this quarter.


Open lessons have a standard rate of €9.50 per lesson, but we have promotions running throughout the year so always inquire about the rates when registering.

How can I cancel?

Im sorry youre thinking about quitting. Are you really sure? Or can we think along with you?  

You can cancel 14 days before the start of the new period.

1 January-1 April-1 July -1 October

You can cancel via the link below:

Cancel now!


Terms and Conditions?

Click here for the terms and conditions

Age limit

For example, if you are 11 years old and you want to go to a 12+ class, you can only do that if you turn 12 in the dance season that you want to switch.Your birthday is in the period from September 1 to 1 July.  

Are you an exceptional dance talent and you can easily take professional classes at a high level such as an (Open class) then we can make exceptions. Please contact us via

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